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LIVE Stream: Battle of Midway Rememberance

Join us today, Monday 4, 2012, at 0900 EST for a live streaming of the Battle of Midway Rememberence.  CNO Adm. Greenert will be speaking and the event will take place at the U.S. Navy Memorial, Washington, D.C. [pentagonchannel Bx8ejNQ_fa432q3IiXAgFuC8B10j9bqq]

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“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

From The Pearl Harbor attack entered the consciousness of contemporary Americans more forcefully than any other single event. Regarded as a dastardly “surprise attack” and an act of “infamy”, during the Second World War every effort was made to keep its memory bright. Posters, popular songs and other media were staples of wartime popular culture, regular memorial services were …

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In Flanders Fields the Poppies Grow

By Jim Garamone, American Forces Press Service From  WASHINGTON, D.C. – Until the 1960s, veterans groups used the red poppy as the symbol of Veterans Day. In Great Britain, it still is. The symbol comes from a poem, “In Flanders Fields,” written by Canadian doctor John M. McCrae in 1915. The first two verses of McCrae’s three-verse poem read: “In …

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Prisoner of War – A Gulf War Veteran’s Incredible Story

By 1st Lt. Kimberly Snow, Ohio National Guard From  The colonel in the olive drab flight suit picks up a remote control lying on his desk, aims it at the television mounted to his office wall and pushes play. The screen flickers on to a crude black and white video overlaid with numbers and symbols — some fixed to the …

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