Tuesday , 25 February 2020

Move.mil – The Official DPS Portal

From www.move.mil

What is DPS?

In an effort to make moving a little bit easier for you, the US Department of Defense (DoDUnited States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) developed the Defense Personal Property Program, or DP3. As part of the DP3 mission, an internet-based system to manage DoD household goods moves was created.  It’s called the Defense Personal Property System (DPS).

How does DPS benefit you? 

Through DPS and the DP3 initiative, you will receive the following benefits:

  • The ability to self-counsel and submit your application online, instead of traveling to a Transportation Office (TO)
  • The ability to track your shipment through DPS or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • The option to file a claim online, and to settle directly with your moving company, called a Transportation Service Provider or TSP
  • Full Replacement Value (FRV) of lost and damaged goods, as opposed to depreciated value offered in the past
  • The opportunity to make sure only quality, reputable companies handle and ship your personal belongings, and those of your fellow service members and DoD civilians, by completing the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)
What is move.mil?
Move.mil is not DPS, it is a portal used to request a password using the link ‘DPS Registration’ through Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA), and used to log in to DPS using the link ‘DPS Login; at the top of the Move.mil screen. Move.Mil is also a source of reference information for DOD Service Members/Civilians who are moving, for PPSOs, and for TSPs.

What is ETA?

The ETA portal is your gateway to multiple applications including DPS; all you need is one ETA userid and password to access any of the applications behind the ETA portal. Simply request access to additional application(s) and upon approval, you will use your same ETA userid and password to log in.

Your ETA Credentials:

Your account credentials consist of a userid and password (Access key). Your userid (originally your ETA request ID) was emailed to you when you initially requested access to an application behind the ETA portal. For Service members and DOD civilians, your userid is your SSN or EIN. The ETA userid and password are used to access the application for which you have been approved.

You only need one set of ETA Credentials (userid/Password) to access the applications behind the ETA Portal.

ETA Applications

  • Defense Personal Property System (DPS)
  • Global Freight Management (GFM)
  • Integrated Booking System (IBS)
  • Cargo and Billing System (CAB)
  • TFMS-M
  • Defense Table of Distances (DTOD)
For more information on moving, go to www.move.mil