Tuesday , 17 September 2019

Medal of Honor Ceremony – LIVE Streaming

Sgt. Dakota Meyer in Bridgeport, Calif., while in training to support Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. (Courtesy Photo)

On September 9th, 2009, Sgt. Dakota Meyer and his platoon went into a village to conduct a routine mission, but when they entered the area, when his team came under fire. When it became apparent that they needed assistance, Meyer radioed into his lieutenant requesting permission to go in and help multiple times.  Each time he was denied.

Disobeying orders, Sgt. Meyer decided that he and another service member would get into the fight and help their comrades out to safety. They drove a truck into the fray and made several trips under fire to recover the bodies of the fallen, help the wounded and provided aid.  His actions ultimately saved the lives of 13 Marines and 23 Afghan soldiers.

Sgt. Dakota Meyer is the first living Marine to be nominated for the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.  Click here to watch the liv streaming of the ceremony.

Click on the link below to watch LIVE STREAMING of the event at 1430:

[pentagonchannel Bx8ejNQ_fa432q3IiXAgFuC8B10j9bqq]