Saturday , 25 January 2020

TRICARE Makes Moving Easy

From the TRICARE media center

Military families are accustomed to change. But one thing stays constant – their TRICARE coverage. TRICARE reminds all beneficiaries, no matter what TRICARE program they’re enrolled in, their benefit is portable, making it easy to transfer coverage.

Active duty service members (ADSMs) and active duty family members (ADFMs) who are moving to a new location can now transfer their TRICARE Prime enrollment with a simple phone call.  This new telephone option adds convenience for ADSMs and their families.

Moving ADSMs simply call their current regional health care contractor to transfer their family’s enrollment, and include a cell number and email address. The new regional contractor will contact them within five business days after the relocation date to finalize their TRICARE transfer.

The enrollment transfer includes a new primary care manager (PCM) best suited to the location of the ADSM’s work, home and anticipated medical needs.  If moving within the current region, this process can be used to help them transfer to a new PCM.

ADSMs and their families will not have to worry about coverage during this transfer process because they are continuously covered under TRICARE. Once settled, they can confirm coverage on the Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) website.  This link and more information can be found at

If an ADSM or ADFM forget to notify his or her current regional contractor of their upcoming move, they still have the option to contact the new regional contractor to transfer enrollment via phone.

This new phone option adds to the number of choices ADSMs and ADFMs already have in transferring enrollment when moving. Other options include transferring thru military base in-processing, online through BWE and by downloading and completing an enrollment application (DD Form 2876) to mail. To download this form, visit ADSMs and their families can also visit a local TRICARE Service Center.

TRICARE believes this ‘before and after’ customer service approach will create a smooth enrollment transfer for ADSMs and their families. For more information on transferring Prime enrollment, go to:

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