DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable: First AFRC C-130 Special Missions Conference

Maj. Gen. James T. Rubeor, Commander, 22nd Air Force

We recently held a DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable with Maj. Gen. James T. Rubeor, 22nd Air Force Commander, Lt. Col. Jonathan Talbot from the 403rd Wing, Lt. Col. David Condit from the 302nd Airlift Wing, and Capt. W. Travis Adams, Assistant Chief of Aerial Spray, 757 Airlift Squadron — all members of the Air Force Reserve Special Missions Command — for Thursday, Jan. 13.

The Air Force Reserve Command contributes 100 percent of the U.S. Air Force’s Weather Reconnaissance and Aerial Spray capabilities and 25 percent of the Air Force’s Modular Airborne Firefighting System capabilities. On January 13 experts from all three of the Air Force Reserve Command’s C-130 special missions will convene at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs for the first ever, AFRC C-130 Special Missions conference.  All three missions provide significant contributions to our nation’s Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) missions.  The high experience level of its Airmen and the ability to respond to nature’s fury at a moment’s notice makes the Air Force Reserve Command an ideal partner in these missions.

Listen to the interview.

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Joining us on the call were Chuck Simmins, of America’s North Shore Journal; Dale Kissinger, of Military Avenue; and Amy McCullough, of Air Force Magazine.