Saturday , 25 January 2020

DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable: Update on Afghan National Police

MG Mike Ward, Deputy Commander-Police from the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
Maj. Gen. Mike Ward, deputy commander-Police, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan

We recently held a DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable on Thursday, June 3 with Maj. Gen. Mike Ward, deputy commander-Police, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan.

Maj. Gen. Ward discussed the progress of the Afghan National Police since the stand-up of NTM-A.  He  also discussed where they started six months ago, the challenges the ANP have encountered and what the future holds for ANP development.  Specific challenges have been literacy, attrition and combating corruption.

To view his biography, click here.

Listen to the interview.

Read the transcript.

Read the story, “Leadership Training Central to Police Mission in Afghanistan

Joining us on the call were: Dale Kissinger, Military; Paul McCleary, Aviation; David Axe,; Carl Forsberg, and John Doyle, 4gwar.