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Only 19 men to have received two Medal of Honors in its history. Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler was one of them. 
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President Teddy Roosevelt earned the Medal of Honor, as did his son, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. But which earned it first?
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What may have simply been a specialized training for a particular Marine, may have well set a standard for many Marine pilots to this day. Watch this video to see how Marine Corps aviation began.
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Photo: Annette LaFleur, team leader of the Design, Pattern & Prototype Team at Natick, Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, said that military clothing should be functional first but also have that 'cool factor.'

When it comes to fashion, America looks to, well, the Natick Soldier Systems Center, as it turns out.
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From www.history.navy.mil Women have served in the United States Navy for over one hundred years. Today, there are over fifty thousand women serving on active duty in an array of challenging ratings or careers.  Regardless of career choice or pay grade, female …
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