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The 2010 Nuclear Security Summit gets underway today in Washington D.C. with President Barack Obama hosting leaders from 47 countries for talks on nuclear weapons. Check out more DoD videos at http://dodvclips.mil

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This week the AFPS podcast covers: the release of the Nuclear Posture Review which is a new policy on the use of nuclear weapons; the logistics effort to support the troop build-up in Afghanistan and the responsible drawdown in Iraq; …
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As announced during Tuesday’s Press Briefing, the chiefs and I fully support the findings of this Nuclear Posture Review. We believe it provides us and our field commanders the opportunity to better shape our nuclear weapons posture, policies, and force …
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It seems like just about everybody, from government and military leaders to news anchors and bloggers, have been talking about the Nuclear Posture Review, laid out yesterday by the secretaries of defense, state and energy. Of course, the review will …
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During the DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable with Dr. Bradley H. Roberts, deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Missile Defense and U.S. Navy Rear Adm. John E. Roberti, deputy director for Strategy and Policy, J-5, The Joint Staff discussed the …
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