On Top of the World

By Jessica L. Tozer, Armed with Science Blogger

That first glimpse into the night sky, the first awe-struck “wow” that escapes their lips, and bam!  They’re hooked.  That one moment creates a lifelong cosmological curiosity.  The seed of spacelust takes root, driving them out into the stars.  Before they know it, they’re walking outside the International Space Station and drinking floating water globules.  Yes, for most astronauts, the love of space blooms early.

Unless, of course, you’re NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

For Charlie, it wasn’t the dream of the night sky, or the first trip to the planetarium, or even his first flight that ignited an interest in space.  For this former astronaut, it was the military, and a chance encounter with a living legend, that started it all.

So what does the future hold for NASA?  From the President’s challenge to put humans on an asteroid by 2025, to the future of Mars colonization and beyond, this is anArmed with Science special edition:

Thanks so much to NASA, and Administrator Charles Bolden, for all they have and continue to do for the betterment of mankind. 

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