DoD Releases 2014 Basic Allowance for Housing Rates

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a vital portion of a service members pay. BAH reflects the housing market the service member is currently stationed, ensuring they can find an affordable place to live. Many factors account for changes to BAH including market rents, utility costs, and renter’s insurance rates. On Jan. 1, 2014 BAH rates will increase by an average of five percent. Read below for more information about how this year’s rates have changed and why.

  • Each year BAH rates are reviewed and adjusted to account for fluctuations in rent, utilities and renter’s insurance in a given location. This routine rate adjustment happens each year.
  • BAH is designed to assist service members assigned to permanent duty stations within the U.S. with acquiring housing comparable to civilians in the same income range, at that location.
  • This year, BAH rates will increase an average of 5 percent when the new rates take effect on January 1, 2014. An estimated $20 billion will be paid to approximately one million Service Members in 2014.
  • On average, BAH rates for members with dependents will increase approximately $79 per month and $76 for members without dependents. A typical mid-grade enlisted member with dependents, for example, will find his/her BAH about $79 per month higher than last year, while a typical junior officer without dependents will find his/her BAH about $76 higher than last year.
  • BAH rates at about 20% of the Military Housing Areas (approximately 60 areas) will decrease in 2014 from 2013 rates.
  • No matter what happens to housing costs, an individual member will not see his/her BAH rate decrease as long as they do not have a reduction in pay grade, change in dependency status, or permanent change of station. This is called rate protection, and is designed to ensure that members who have made long-term commitments in the form of a lease or contract are not penalized if the area’s housing costs decrease.
  • Because BAH is computed from median rent and local averages, it is not intended to cover every member’s total housing cost, and some members at a location may incur out-of-pocket expenses based on their actual housing choices.
  • The Department remains committed to the preservation of a compensation and benefit structure that provides members with a suitable and secure standard of living.
  • For more information on BAH, see the 2014 BAH rates and 2014 BAH rate component breakout. Service members can calculate their BAH payment by using the BAH calculator.

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  • Tim Van Der Noord

    Well I went down about $50. So much for the 5% increase lol….

  • Lindsay Davis

    my husbands went down almost 100

  • S

    If anyone read the article yours didn’t go down at all. It will stay the same. The only person at that rank that will be getting less is someone who moves to that area after the rates go down…..

    • Amy

      I believe Dicked stated he’s PCSing there….Same situation for us. Bought our house in December, won’t get there til January. We’re screwed…


    Down from 2138 to 2050 in san diego… guess were not getting as nice of a place in our PCS and so much for our planned retirment…Thanks uncle sam

    • Amy

      Same here. We just bought a house in Whidbey for our upcoming PCS in January but the BAH drops and since we’re not there yet, even though we bought the house on 12/12/13, there is no protection for us. Getting screwed by the government is becoming increasingly popular these days.

      • jeremy

        Well, thats what happens when you buy a house. Theres base housing for a reason. No matter WHAT the BAH is, theyll never take more than the BAH rate is.

        • rachel

          You do know in some areas they actually encourage you to buy a home. Our wait here is 6 months. What family has 6 months to wait for base housing?

    • KMF

      Are you using an accurate 2013 BAH calculator? Ours went up from 2382 to 2448 in San Diego.

      • Dicked by Obama

        Yup E-5 with dependants 2013 “$ 2139.00″ 2014 “$ 2052.00″ run the check yourself here is the zipcode 9 1 9 1 1 and official website

        • KMF

          Well E-8 with dependents is going up $66 that doesn’t really seem fair. Try the same zip but for E-8 it goes 2382 to 2448. I’m a vet using my gi bill so since its based on E5 it seems my school pay will be going down.

  • Jen

    Up?? Bull!! Ours went down $30! Typo??

    • Celia

      “BAH rates at about 20% of the Military Housing Areas (approximately 60 areas) will decrease in 2014 from 2013 rates.”

  • Britt

    Mine went up. By $102

  • Kristina

    Ours in 32548 have not gone up in 4 years. 5 years ago it decreased by $30. It has stayed the same, at $1194 for the past 4 years and we are in a huge tourist city in Florida. Two bedroom houses and apartments go for $1200-$1400 a month! Soo aggravated. I have written the DOD for the past three years about this and they refuse to look at proof about this huge city we live in.

    • Kendra

      BAH is based on the average rent of a county, not city. If you live in a county with remote areas that offer lower rent, but live in the city, the BAH will seem low because of the county average.

  • Witne

    We just went from 1221 to 1134 in bremerton Washington. It was hard enough to find a place with the amount before that wasn’t in the ghetto or run down. Guess that’s going to be the only option now. So much for feeling safe in my home. Where did it go up? It seems most went down…

    • Cottey13

      They won’t decrease your rate if you already live there, just if you move there ;)

    • nick

      Mine went up almost 200. Bremerton isn’t that bad anyway. And why dont people on these forums realize that there’s plenty of base housing in most places. I called the housing office for Bremerton just last week. They told me there was a 2 month wait for a 4 bedroom house. Is it so hard to just pay $1134 for a 4 bedroom house?

      • evelyn

        there are no 4 bedroom houses for $1134 in bremerton they are $1500 and up.

  • Frank

    Folks, I’ve walked several miles in your shoes when on active duty but I always knew, and therefore understood (but in turn still did not agree with) the fact that BAH was not designed to cover ALL of my rent/mortgage. I lived in Govt quarters once in my 24 years becuse as we didn’t have kids- we never qualified for on-post housing so we always came out of pocket for rent/mortgage. I was not always happy about that and yes it did set us back some, having to come out of pocket, but we were always glad for some assistance. Just wait till you retire….they show you the door, kick you out and then lock the door behind you!

  • Butternut

    These surmised “housing” handouts are preposterous!

  • usn

    you know whats funny all the complaints on here are wives and/or SO’s. if it was that much of a problem dont you think US active personnel would get on here and complain? suck it up.

  • Harold

    Getting paid to live, must be nice. Sad when some DoD employees can’t even make rent, and had to stop work and live off one paycheck for 6 weeks.