Chairman Issues Letter to Joint Force

Photo: Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Members of the Joint Force,

I am one month into my second term, and it is a great privilege to continue to serve as your Chairman. I’d like to thank you and your families for your service to our Nation. Thank you for your sacrifice and your commitment. Thank you especially for your patience during the government shutdown. Throughout these uncertain times, you continue to answer the nation’s call and represent America with courage and honor. I am humbled by your devotion.

Our military faces an historic convergence of strategic challenges. Countering persistent and emerging threats to our security, adapting to reduced defense budgets, and managing the high demand for our forces around the globe will test our mettle.

I’ll need all of your experience, intellect, and character—and most of all your leadership—to successfully manage the demands of the future. You’ve done a magnificent job over the past 12 years of war, and I trust you to continue to get the job done in the challenging days ahead.

Trust remains the foundation of our profession. As your Chairman, I will strive every day to earn your trust as we all must strive to earn the trust of the American people. We continue to have the opportunity make a difference, to remain exceptional, to change based on what we’ve learned, and to lead for tomorrow.

I am very proud of you.

Martin E. Dempsey
General, U.S. Army

Download the Chairman’s Letter

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4 Responses to Chairman Issues Letter to Joint Force

  1. Michael Gilman says:

    General Dempsey,

    Thank you for your encouragement and acknowledgement of our work. I would particularly like to point out the sacrifice and dedication belonging to the Joint Staff South. In the last 3 years, those folks have been through the JFCOM disestablishment where their whole organizational structure changed and many of them experienced a massive move from one base to another. They went through Sequestration that primarily limited travel forcing them to accomplish the mission exercising creative workarounds. Last summer they lost 6 days of pay due to the furloughs and recently a shutdown of the government causing delays in critical initiatives resulting in an increase in operational tempos to make up the lost time. Now they face the possibility of more cuts to budgets and another physical re-location. In all this, they have continued to perform with an exquisite professional demeanor and have delivered a superb high quality of work, day in and day out. These folks and their families definitely deserve a personal “Bravo-Zulu” to recognize their unfailing devotion to duty, to our armed service, and to our country.
    MIchael Gilman

  2. Luis Velazquez says:

    General Martin E Dempsey

    Of inspiration,
    Blessings of excellence that will extend to world.

  3. disqus_6hV54K7h7u says:

    go ahead

  4. scrivenerNP says:

    U.S. ARMY NOT JUST MILITARY ANYMORE: CHIEF OF STAFF veteran journalist reports