Horse Therapy for Wounded Warriors

A non-profit organization, that goes by the name of “Back in the Saddle Warriors“, uses horseback riding as a way to help wounded warriors get back on their feet.

Back in the Saddle Warriors uses a type of therapy known as hippotherapy. No, we’re not talking about hippopotami (yes, that’s a real word)  here. The word “hippo” in hippotherapy actually stems from the Greek word for horse. And how it works is licensed therapists have the wounded sit on the horse while the therapist guides the horse through specific motions, benefiting the particular issue the wounded warrior is working through.

Janice Buckley, the founder of the organization, has a rather interesting story herself. I’d certainly suggest reading it.

And, if you’re thinking about helping out as well, I’d encourage you to ask Janice Buckley how and where you can get involved.

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