INFOGRAPHIC: Wrapping up Month of the Military Child

Growing up the child of a service member presents unique opportunities and poses particular challenges. As we wrap up Month of the Military Child, here at DoDLive, we’d like to share an infographic that gives insight into the lives of U.S. military children.

Military Child_infographic_Final

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  • Don’t forget Guard & Reserve

    Please do not call it the “lives of military children” when it only give “insight” for AC. There isn’t even one graphic that addresses anything to do with the other half, the children of those in the Guard and Reserve. They usually grow up without knowing a single kid who’s in the same predicament as they are. And, unlike DoDs schools, their school systems often have no idea how to meet the needs of military children. An easy start would have been one image showing the percentage of how many RC military members have children…MUCH higher than AC.