Who is the Ultimate Marine’s Marine?

Who is the Ultimate Marine's Marine?Who is the Ultimate Marine’s Marine? That’s what our Marine friends want to know. Each day until April 11, they’ll compare two Marine Corps legends across three categories: Service (actions while in uniform), Legacy (how their service continued to impact the Corps and the world) and Motivation (esprit de corps and overall badassery).

The staff of the Marines Blog will judge initial rounds internally and guest writers will take over for the final rounds. Be sure to make your voice heard by voting in their simultaneous fan bracket. Share your opinion on our Facebook page, or tweet your thoughts with the hashtag: #UltimateMarine

Marines Madness Bracket Who’s the best? It’s a question that’s existed for as long as there have been Marines. The inquiry may be overly vain, borderline arrogant, but the Marine Corps is a service that prides itself on being made up of the elite of the elite. It only makes sense for its members to want to identify the baddest of the bunch. At the rifle range we want to know who shot the best. After a physical fitness test we want to know who scored the highest. Who’s stronger, smarter, tougher?

But not all characteristics are quantifiable — and there’s more to being a Marine than acing tests. If I were to tell you, you’re getting a new join, and all I said was, “He’s a hell of a Marine,” you would know exactly what I meant. You can be smart and go far. You can be strong and do great things. But, if you’re a “Marine’s Marine,” there’s no limit to what you can achieve in the Corps.

Here at the Marines Blog, we’re attempting to identify the ultimate “Marine’s Marine” with a tournament of legends — a Marine’s “March Madness” if you will. The competitors will go head-to-head in three categories: Service, Legacy and Motivation. Whoever wins more categories goes on to the next round.

Selecting a winner is a difficult endeavor, one that is also extremely subjective. We’ve narrowed the tournament down to 16 names, and we’re sure we’ll get grief for names left out. While there has been no shortage of heroes from recent conflicts (Maj. Zembiec, Sgt. Maj. Kasal, Sgt. Peralta, Sgt. Meyer, Cpl. Dunham …), each competitor in the tournament must have left the Corps more than 20 years ago.

Marine Madness Fan BracketEach day, two Marine Corps heroes will go head-to-head, culminating with the final round April 11. We’ll judge the first round here at the Marines Blog, each round after that will be guest-judged. Even if you don’t agree with our selections, your vote still counts in our simultaneous fan tournament.

Let’s look back at the Marines who’ve shaped our Corps and select the ultimate Marine’s Marine.

Round One
Daly vs. Lejeune
Foss vs. Hulbert
Diamond vs. Gray
Basilone vs. Johnson
Puller vs. Barnum
Hathcock vs. Mawhinney
Vittori vs. Glenn
Butler vs. Davis

Visit their blog to play!

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