Sequestration Town Hall

GraphicToday at 1:30 p.m. USD (Comptroller) Robert Hale is scheduled to conduct a sequestration town hall meeting in the Pentagon Auditorium.  We know most of you probably won’t have a chance to attend, so if you have a question, please send it in to newmedia1(at) or send it in a Tweet to @DoDLivemil. We will compile the questions by noon today and send them in to be asked during the town hall.

You can watch live at 1:30 p.m. to see if your question is asked!

Join the conversation on Twitter with #DoDChat or follow along with our Live Tweet @DoDLivemil.

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One Response to Sequestration Town Hall

  1. I. M. Fedup says:

    It seems that the White House has set the standard for how sequestration furlough will be implemented. 500 employees of the White House were notified yesterday that they would be subject to sequestration furlough for 10 days total, or one day per pay period between 21 April and 7 September. We have been advised informally (thus far) to expect to plan to furlough two days per pay period over 11 pay periods (vice 10). Why does the Department of Defense government civilian workforce have to bear a furlough burden that is twice what the White House staff will implement? The impacts to the federal workforce from sequestration furlough should be shared equally or not at all.