USAF 1st Reconnaissance Squadron

Bloggers-Roundtable-2-183x108On Tuesday, March 12th, DoDLive held a bloggers roundtable with a U-2 pilot, whose name is being withheld, who discussed the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron‘s U-2 mission, history and most importantly it’s centennial anniversary.

The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is the United States military’s oldest flying unit, first established on March 5, 1913. The squadron has maintained an unbroken heritage from its founding. Originally organized in anticipation of a potential breach in security along the border between the U.S. and Mexico, Gen. Pershing directed the 1st Aero Squadron to become the first tactical aviation unit to participate in American military action. The 1st RS has flown 47 different airframes while being stationed worldwide at 52 locations, including 4 stints at sea.

Listen to the audio from the roundtable (MP3).

Joining us on the call were Chuck Simmins, of America’s North Shore Journal; John McCandless, of Navy Log Blog; Sagar Pathak, of Horizontal Rain; Chris Pape, of Macho Spouse; Jackie McGinnis, of Air Force Live.

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