DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable: Chatting Up a Storm

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Today we talked with United States Air Force Reserve Lt. Col. Jon Talbot, Chief Meteorologist and Capt. John Brady, weather officer for the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.

Lt. Col. Talbot supervises twenty Flight Meteorologists who are responsible for acting as mission directors aboard WC-130J weather reconnaissance aircraft. The Flight Meteorologists coordinate, collect and communicate critical weather data to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Fla., during flights into hurricanes and tropical storms.

Capt. Brady is responsible for directing weather reconnaissance aircraft into hurricanes and tropical storms to collect information, including storm center and intensity.

They discussed the winter-storm tracking missions that take place in the Northeast and Northwest corners of the United States as well as hurricane tracking.

Joining us on the call were Chuck Simmins, of America’s North Shore Journal, and Amaani Lyle, of American Forces Press Service.

Listen to the roundtable.


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  1. David Sims says:

    One subject you really need to talk about is whether the Department of Homeland Security intends to target either members of the Department of Defense or the general public for attack or for some unlawful breach of constitutionally protected freedoms. I don’t think the DoD should be blase about the possibility that you and DHS are not on the same side. At least keep it in mind. Having looked at both federal institutions, I think that the members of the DoD take their oaths to support and defend the Constitution against its enemies, foreign and domestic, more seriously than DHS does. One look at what TSA does should convince most people of that. And it’s possible that DHS currently has possession of more hollow-point bullets than DoD has. Don’t let your guard down. I think that there may be some serious political evil afoot.

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