Naval Medical Center Leads DoD With New Photo, Archiving and Communication System

United States Navy SealNaval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) is the first Department of Defense (DoD) Military Treatment Facility (MTF) to install the most up-to-date medical digital picture imaging software called Carestream.

Carestream is a picture, archiving and communication system (PACS), allowing clinicians from all medical specialties to view and examine patients X-ray’s more readily through an organized database.

Carestream went live Dec. 4, and is readily available to all NMCSD clinicians allowing them to retrieve any X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, ultra-sound or monogram instantaneously. NMCSD and its branch health clinics have received extensive training over the past five months on operating the functions of the Carestream software.

“It is the new solution for archiving radiology imaging and has the ability to do much more. Carestream is the central archive that is accessible to all in the enterprise,” said NMCSD neuroradiologist, Lt. Cmdr. (Dr.) Daniel Hawley, command liaison for Carestream implementation. “Additionally, the Carestream application has widespread help library and online reference so that users may efficiently review the imaging of their patients.”

Carestream also allows cardio grams to be stored, when previously providers had to rely on a whole different department to provide that sort of information. Therefore, making it easier for the doctor to focus more on the patient and not have to worry about an older, unreliable picture and archiving system.
Carestream took nearly two years and approximately $7 million dollars to install due to the review and approval by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Privacy and Security rules, to ensure that all patients’ privacy information will be protected.

As the first DoD hospital to interrogate Carestream as their PACS, Hawley hopes this is an opportunity for other hospitals to see the types of digital strides NMCSD is making and follow in their path.

“Carestream is one of the newest systems out there and one of the fastest growing in the marketplace,” said Hawley. “Being the first DoD site, a lot of other hospitals are looking forward to hearing about our experience with Carestream.”

If Carestream becomes the PACS of choice for the DoD, all other MTFs in the DoD as well as ships will eventually be synced and accessible anywhere on the globe.

For more information about Naval Medical Center San Diego, visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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