Tuesday Afternoon One-liners

GraphicSoldiers at remote outposts in Afghanistan, and those around the globe from Korea to Germany to installations across the United States are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving in traditional ways.

An Air Commando from the 1st Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron received a Silver Star during a ceremony at the Pentagon Nov. 14.

Marine Corps Systems Command’s (MCSC) Family Readiness On Point Team came into existence in May 2011 with a vision to keep faith with our families by communicating, connecting and caring. Now, they are doing just that.

Wherever the USS Delaware goes after she is launched in 2018, a “piece of my heart will go with her,” said Dr. Jill Biden, who will sponsor the Navy’s newest Virginia-class fast-attack submarine.

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta commended the lasting accomplishments of the former commander of U.S. Southern Command today and welcomed a new, but familiar, officer to lead the combatant command.

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