Changes Made in Absentee Voting for Service Members

Video provided by the Pentagon Channel

With the election being about ten months away, now is the time to start thinking about getting your vote in and making it count.  For service members, a few more steps might need to be taken to make sure you have everything in order.  New changes to absentee voting for deployed service members include a requirement to register every year instead of every other year. Visit to learn more.

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  • GlenndisneyD

    Security within the system seems to be  problem for those who don’t know what to look/watch for. For ten Years I have sent in Messages prior to the Incidents and it has fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes leaving several either a causality of war or injured .  Someone one ( A Politician) told me to let sleeping Dogs lay an things will work out by themselves, But knowing that the cost of it could be a Soldiers Life is against my morals and ethics in life. And having the Nightmares of the past isn’t an easy thing to forget, these young Soldiers coming back from the Middle east are going to need all the support that we can help them with.  Soyezjuste

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