Episode #118: Weekly News Roundup for January 13, 2012

In “This Week in the DoD” for Jan. 13:

The Defense Department is adopting a new strategy that will allow the military to meet fiscal guidelines set by Congress. The military will be leaner and more mobile, leaders have said, but still able to meet future threats facing the U.S.

While many parts of the U.S. have faced relatively mild winters, several towns in Alaska are buried under snow — in some places, more than 18 feet of it. They’ve enlisted the assistance of the National Guard to help dig them out of their icy predicament.

American servicemembers have rescued two Iranian crews in the Arabian Sea this week. The U.S. Navy rescued a crew that had been taken hostage by pirates; the U.S. Coast Guard saved the crew of a ship that had begun taking on water.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is expanding its social media presence. All of its 152 medical centers now have their own Facebook pages, and they intend to have a similar expansion on Twitter.

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. America celebrates the civil rights leader’s birthday every year with a day of service. We replay some of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

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