Episode #116: Weekly News Roundup for Dec. 23

In “This Week in the DoD” for Dec. 23:

This week marks the official end of the mission in Iraq. Now soldiers are coming home and re-uniting with loved ones in time for the holidays.

On Monday, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta issued a letter to the troops. The letter comes after a week long trip to Djibouti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Libya. It discussed his visit with troops serving abroad as well as his experience presiding over the end of mission ceremony in Bagdad.  He concluded the letter by thanking our service members for the crucial role they played in making the world a safer and more hopeful place.

The National Guard has been a vital part of the coalition team protecting the U.S.-Mexican border. Now, their mission along the United States’ southern frontier will be changing.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has died. Monday, reports from state-run t-v in North Korea filled global airwaves as people worldwide contemplated what his death will mean for the future.

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