She Wore These: It’s Our Job to Give Her the Best Care Anywhere

Did you know that approximately eight percent of veterans are women? More than 54 percent of women veterans from OIF, OEF, and Operation New Dawn (OND) have used Veterans Administration health care. The Veterans Health Administration is working to ensure that the growing number of women veterans have access to the health care resources they need through the Women Veterans Health Care program. The VA is addressing issues such as equipment needs (including DEXA scans, mammography machines, ultra-sound and biopsy equipment), staff training to deal with issues specific to military sexual trauma, sensitivity to gender-specific needs, and high-quality health care equal to that of their male counter-parts.

The VA is taking its internal culture change message public with a new video about the vital role women play in the U.S. military and the importance of providing women veterans with high quality health care.

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