General Dempsey’s Letter to the Joint Force


Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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  1. Jim Cardenas says:


  2. says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Hello, my name is Steven Fowler and I am coming to you in strong faith that you will see my life of repentance and the goodness in my heart. God has forgiven me for my wrong doings; now from my heart I am asking you of your forgiveness for my actions: Felony theft by taking golf cart, felony theft by taking a mountain bike , misdemeanor  loitering at Kroger , misdemeanor for contributing delinquency  to a minor in mischief acts, and misdemeanor for entering  an automobile . In 2006, after committing these acts, I realized I was not living my life the way God has planned for me.  So I enrolled myself in the Georgia National Guard program called Youth Challenge at Fort Stuart Georgia; after completing the program I was given 5 years of First Offender’s felony probation. I was required to pay $1300 in fines, 90 hours of community service, and one year of intense supervision.  I have successfully completed everything, and I have been writing my judge and probation officer to further educate myself of all my options.  The judge will grant me early termination to join the military if I have proof that I truly am joining, and not just trying to use the military to get off probation. I am sincere when I say that the military is my calling. There are so many things I would love to accomplish with the military.  I would love nothing more than to serve my country and give it all my strength, courage, and skill. Also, I want to learn everything the military has to offer me. I cannot fully explain to you my eagerness and willingness to join. I need this in my life and I want to dedicate myself to our country, and be the best citizen I can be.  I want to be an Army Ranger, go to Sniper School, go airborne, field artillery, and learn everything about mechanics. The military is the best thing I feel that I can do with my life.  It will better my life all together and be a constant reminder to me of who I am, the amazing country I represent and protect, and to never stray away from the good person I truly am.  I am currently working at Aabby Lawn Care and have been for one year and 6 months and making $9.50 an hour. With the winter coming, work is going to seriously slow down, and I don’t even have a car to rely on to get back and forth to another job. Fortunately, I have a friend who kindly lets me ride with him every morning to work. I have never had a mom to help me out, my dad is suffering from brain cancer, and I don’t know how long God is going to keep him here with us before it is his time to go be with Him. My family and friends know how much the military means to me. The way I dress and act causes people to ask if I serve in any branch of the military and sadly I have to say no. I have a girlfriend, Ashley, who I love so much, and she has helped me and been here for me in so many ways. I want to make her my wife, and I want to provide and care for her like a man is supposed to. Right now we live with her family, but next August she will be attending college so we have find a house near the university, and I am in no position to give that to her.  I fully understand what I did was wrong and if you will, I am asking you to please believe in me, and I will not disappoint you. I honestly give you my word.
    Steven J. Fowler

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