General Dempsey Discusses the Military Retirement System

Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

By Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

In my first blog entry, I discussed the four themes that are important to me as I start my tenure as the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Among them I mention keeping faith with our Military Family.  I was recently reminded of the importance of this when I testified before the House Armed Services Committee with Secretary of Defense Panetta last week.

During that testimony I was asked by several Representatives to comment on the recent recommendations of the Defense Business Board regarding changing the military retirement system to something more like what is available to civilians in the commercial sector.

What I told them and what I want to reiterate here is that I reject the comparison of military to civilian retirement and that I am adamantly opposed to changing the retirement benefits for those who are currently on active duty. We will undoubtedly have to change our retirement system in the future to make it affordable, but we have made a commitment to those currently serving, and I aim to keep it.

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3 Responses to General Dempsey Discusses the Military Retirement System

  1. General Dempsey,I mailed a Very important letter to..David Petraeus,At the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington Dc,This Afternoon,!2:10 Cleveland,Ohio Time.,..Please Let him know.
    Because i have a International Tribunal & International Justice-ICTY,Name Change..
    This letter is very,very important,And..It is not a Threat of any Sort…To Anyone.I don’t know why,when i mail a letter…Someone tells the Media…That the President is in Danger.
    I want to make sure…That David Petraeus…Opens this letter,Reads it…And Moves in the Right Direction……Of Justice.Military and Criminal.
    Thank You…Stay Safe,
    Bring our Troops Home Soon.

  2. Chelsa says:

    General Dempsey Discusses the current situation

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