Family Focus Friday:

By Robert L. Gordon, III Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy)

Free Online Tutoring for Military Families with

By Robert L. Gordon, III
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy)

As we settle into the new school year, I’d like to remind military families that we have a free and extremely helpful resource available to our children.  With for U.S. Military Families, military children can start the year with confidence, knowing they will have the support they need, should they need it, to be successful students! for U.S. Military Families is an online tutoring and homework help program sponsored by DoD that allows eligible service members and their families to get 24/7 assistance and support on a wide range of subjects, from elementary school concepts to advanced high school coursework.  If you are active duty or on active duty in the Guard or Reserve in a deployed status (or even a DoD civilian in a deployed status), you and your family are eligible for the program.

Carefully screened professional tutors who are also subject matter experts provide assistance through’s online interface, and they can even assist with introductory college courses, adult learning, and career transitions.  The tutors work closely with your kids, helping them work through questions or problems without feeding them the answers.  Students work in a secure online classroom with their tutor, where they can chat, draw on a shared whiteboard, upload files, and view the web together!   And you don’t need any special hardware or software:  as long as you have Internet access, you can use anywhere in the world! for U.S. Military Families helps address the specific needs of our military families.  For example, military children may have to move during the school year and could lose valuable time in the classroom or may need some extra time adapting to a new school environment.  As a complement to the extra help their teachers can provide, for U.S. Military Families can help military children stay current with their studies and build confidence.

To get a tutor, visit, select your military Service, and follow the directions to get your password. Students can save each of their sessions for review, print them out later, and request their favorite tutor when they have a particular question.    If you or your family have used for U.S. Military Families in the past or have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you!  Please join our discussion.

Best of all, for U.S. Military Families is not just available to military children:  the whole family can participate.  If a military member or spouse is getting ready to head back to school themselves, for U.S. Military Families can help with refresher courses or entrance exam preparations.  Military spouses can prepare to get back into the workforce with the program’s resume, interviewing, and job search assistance. for U.S. Military Families can also teach parents how to help their children.  Helping your kids with homework can be challenging, especially if it has been a while since you did school work of your own.  Let the tutors help you become a better tutor and academic role model for your children.

You and your children are never on your own when it comes to excelling in education.  As your kids head back to school this fall, make for U.S. Military Families a regular part of your academic routine.  Until next time, be well.


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