Office of MC and FP Dedicated to Helping Military Spouses Continue Careers

The DoD Office of Military Community and Family Policy has been a longtime advocate of employment for military spouses. Many face challenges from maintaining their current careers of keeping employment status – especially in industries that require licensing or certification.

In February 2011, MC&FP had a discussion that allowed spouses to tell their stories about the challenges they encountered, such as dealing with frequent moves and state barriers that affected their employment – whether it was delays in starting work due to state licensing/certification laws, or high costs incurred with the process of being recertified.

DoDLive sat down with Marcus Beauregard, Chief, Defense Office of State Liaison, to talk about the assets a military spouse can bring into the workforce and ways in which the MC&FP – and the spouses themselves – can help to make the harrowing process of career transition much easier.

You can also view the corresponding article: Military Spouses Get Help With Professional Licenses.

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