Episode #79: Weekly News Roundup for Mar. 25

In the “This Week in the DoD” podcast for March 25:

The deadline for service members, veterans, and beneficiaries to apply for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay has been extended to April 8, as part of the continuing resolution funding government operations.

American Forces continue to assist in the Japanese recovery from the earthquake and tsunami that demolished some towns and damaged nuclear reactors, as part of Operation Tomodachi.

The U.S. has canceled all permanent change of station moves to Japan, and is facilitating voluntary departures for the families of service members stationed there.

Last weekend, the United Nations Security Council released resolution 1973, authorizing the use of force to defend Libyan citizens and civilians from further attacks by enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya.

Friday, Mar. 25, is National Medal of Honor Day, a holiday set aside to acknowledge and salute those awarded the Nation’s highest military honor. Medal of Honor recipients will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery and present four civilians with awards for courage and bravery similar to the actions of medal recipients.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, which is an opportunity to share information and remind people of the causes and effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.

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