U.S. Updates Space Strategy


From Defense.gov:

The National Security Space Strategy released Feb. 4 responds to the realities of a space environment that is increasingly crowded, challenging and competitive, said senior Defense Department officials.

“The National Security Space Strategy represents a significant departure from past practice,” Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said in a DOD news release. “It is a pragmatic approach to maintain the advantages we derive from space while confronting the new challenges we face.”

The 10-year strategy concludes the Space Posture Review mandated by Congress by providing strategic objectives and approaches for national security space.

The Defense Department and the intelligence community submitted an interim report to Congress in March that delayed a review of national security space policy and objectives until after the release of the U.S. National Space Policy in June.

For more information:
Read the Defense.gov News article or U.S. National Space Policy.
You can also visit the Defense.gov Special on the new National Security Space Strategy.

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