Army Bloggers Roundtable: Military Looks to Warfighter in Designing Unmanned Systems

We recently held an Army Bloggers Roundtable with Tim Owings, deputy program manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, for Thursday, Jan. 13.

Owings discussed program issues such as quick-reaction time updates, and ground-based sense.

In developing robotic technologies, the Pentagon looks to integrate manned and unmanned elements of the “total system”—leader, unit, soldier and equipment—by first considering the requirements of the warfighter. The military’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Office provides a comprehensive management and technical approach by focusing on such input early in the acquisition design process.

Listen to the interview.

Read the transcript.

Joining us on the call were Chuck Simmins, of  America’s North Shore Journal; Spencer Ackerman, of’s Danger Room; Rob McIlvaine, Army News Service; John Doyle, of 4GWAR blog; and Titus Ledbetter, of Inside the Air Force.

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