Episode #57: Weekly AFPS News Roundup for October 21

In the AFPS podcast for Oct. 21: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the U.S.-Turkish alliance is in good shape while giving the keynote speech at the American-Turkish Council Convention; Director of the Federal Voting Assistance Program, Bob Carey, discusses the launch of Absentee Voting Week, an absentee ballot program aimed to help overseas military voters; Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, Commanding General for NATO Training Mission Afghanistan talked about the continued growth and development of the Afghan National Army; Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III, said during an interview with the Pentagon Channel about Cybersecurity, that it’s time the Department of Defense makes cyberspace the newest domain of warfare; As part of Cybersecurity awareness month, Carol Kando-Pineda from the Federal Trade Commission discusses the Net Cetera online toolkit.

Listen to the podcast.

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One Response to Episode #57: Weekly AFPS News Roundup for October 21

  1. Rowejaj says:

    Can anyone give me a POC at the AF Personnel Center or other AF office reference the AF Early Retirement Action (TERA) program which was created back in the mid 90′s? I have several questions on TERA but can’t seem to find the right person or office.