Chairman’s Corner: Happy Birthday Coast Guard – Aug. 4, 2010

Two hundred and twenty years ago today, the United States Congress created the U.S. Revenue-Marine to safeguard our young Nation’s shores. We proudly celebrate this as the day the United States Coast Guard was born.

Over the years, generations of men and women have bravely stood the watch in our oldest continuous seagoing service, keeping our homeland safe, protecting our maritime resources and nobly serving as America’s Maritime Guardians.

I note with special pride the 2,500 Coast Guardsmen on duty in and around the Gulf of Mexico right now, working hard each day to help clean up the worst oil spill in our nation’s history.  Having just visited one of our command centers down in New Orleans, I can attest to the professionalism and the sheer determination they are bringing to that critical job.

Their service also extends well beyond our shores.  This year alone, Coast Guard men and women responded superbly to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, fought piracy off the coast of Africa, and executed counter-drug operations in the Caribbean, all the while keeping our people, our ports and our waterways safe and secure. 

Quite simply, Coast Guardsmen serve wherever America needs them.  And Coast Guard families are right there, too, making possible through their own service and sacrifice everything their loved ones do for the nation. 

This remarkable story of global service points to a courage and flexibility that makes the Coast Guard’s history a very special one.  From the humble beginnings of ten schooners designed to protect a small nation from smugglers, the United States Coast Guard now stands as a model around the world.  I am very proud to serve with you.

The Joint Chiefs and I salute the incredible men, women, and families of our United States Coast Guard, Reserve and Auxiliary.  America is safer because of you.

Happy Birthday … and Semper Paratus!

- Adm. Mike Mullen

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5 Responses to Chairman’s Corner: Happy Birthday Coast Guard – Aug. 4, 2010

  1. Jamith says:

    Happy Birthday Coast Guards-My big salute to all of you. We are really thankful to you for taking care of our homeland, maritime resources etc. Offcourse we sleep safel because of you only, thanks once again to all coast guards.

  2. Point Banks says:

    No mention by Mullen of our Coasties protecting the oil platforms off Iraq and crewing the 110's on patrol in the region

  3. Ruben villarreal says:

    hapy b.d. coast guards, thanks for everything, semper paratus

  4. Coastie Ret says:

    Nice of JCS to recognize the CG. Maybe next year he will mention we are a military service at all times!!

  5. R Stoud says:

    Thanks ADM. Appreciate the kind words. In addition to being the oldest continuous seagoing service in tyhe nation, we also consider ourselves to be the “Hard Nucleus about which the Navy forms in times of war!.”
    R Stoud LCDR USCG (ret)

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