U.S. Army Bloggers Roundtable: Maj. Roy Whitley, Program Manager, Army Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay

On Thursday, Dec. 10, at 2:00 p.m. ET, we will interview U.S. Army Maj. Roy Whitley, the Army’s Project Manager for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay, to discuss ‘stop-loss’ issues.

Soldiers, veterans and bloggers have continued to ask questions and seek updates on the program, ever since the Army’s first roundtable with Whitley on Nov. 19. During this follow-up discussion, Whitley will offer details about the Army’s progress on improving the claims process, as well as clarify any confusion claimants are still having with the special pay process.

To listen live, click here.

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  • noone1569

    This should be interesting. Lets home some actual details emerge from this roundtable.