H1N1 Prevention Strengthened By New Hand Sanitizer Requirement

Effective immediately, all Army medics will carry two bottles of 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer as part of their duty uniform.  One bottle will be for their personal use, the other is available to give to soldiers who do not have any hand sanitizer.

When using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, rub hands together until the gel is dry; water is not required for the gel to work.

Studies have shown that influenza virus can survive on environmental surfaces and can infect a person for two to eight hours after being deposited on the surface.

Thorough hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is a key component in preventing the spread of H1N1.

(Taken from an All-Army activities message.)

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7 Responses to H1N1 Prevention Strengthened By New Hand Sanitizer Requirement

  1. Keith "verong" Willis says:

    Edit : somthering should have been smothering and cheat should have been chest

  2. Sanitizing is really a good precaution to prevent viruses like H1N1. We only hope that everyone must adhere to this simple advise. Thanks for the very helpful post. Keep it up!

  3. Keith "verong" Willis says:

    Hey on line dating,

    I agree that we need to keep clean. It helps with all kinds of problems from simple laserations(spelling) to illness caused by H1N1. What I would like an answer to is why are we using anti bioctics for a viral infection? there are plenty of symptom mitigating medicines out there specifically used for virals, and there is a reason we do not have a cure for viruses like AIDS or H1N1 it is because they infiltrate the body and attack the cells of the body for reproduction(have virus babies) and they are very small most anti bioctics are for bacteria which are much different than viruses and much larger in size.



  4. SGM says:

    I agree that hand sanitation is very, very important, but I feel we have missed the common sense approach to this by having only medics carry hand sanitizer. Great idea to ensure medics have it, but would it have been difficult to just say that EVERY SOLDIER should carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Just like every Soldier is supposed to carry their own ear plugs, carry their own equipment etc, etc. Today’s Soldier is smart enough to maintain their own bottle of sanitizer and we as leaders can ensure they are following procedures through checks and inspections. Two bottles per medic will not be enough for two squads and what do Soldiers do when they are not around medics or a medic is not in the area? Just ensure every Soldier has a bottle and ensure in every work area there is hand sanitizer. But then again here I go thinking again.


  5. The above writing was great. I will forward this to my friends online. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

  6. dr says:

    Good thoughts; but the fact is that several branches of the military, as well as four federal agencies have figured out that NON-alcohol hand sanitizer products are safer, equally effective, more economical and more practical when compared to legacy alcohol-based products. One example: the US Navy prohibits alcohol hand sanitizers on board its submarines, and the decision was driven not only by flash point risks, but the analysis found that repeated application of alcohol on to the hands increases risk of exposure to pathogens. Several makers of non-alcohol products are designated vendors to the US Military, including products “Hy5″ (see info at http://www.Hy5sanitizer.com) and “Soapopular” see their info at http://www.soapyusa.com

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