DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable: Retroactive Pay Policy for Stop Loss

On Friday, Oct. 30, 2009, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, we will interview Sam Retherford, Director of Officer and Enlisted Personnel Management, who will discuss the retroactive pay policy and its implementation. The Defense Department recently announced the services’ implementation plans to provide retroactive stop loss special pay. Active, reserve and former servicemembers who had their enlistment extended or retirement suspended due to stop loss are eligible for this special pay, if they served on active duty between Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 30, 2009.

Servicemembers began submitting their claim for retroactive stop loss special pay on Oct. 21, 2009. In accordance with the 2009 Supplemental Appropriations Act, all applications must be submitted to the respective services no later than Oct. 21, 2010. Eligible personnel will receive a payment of $500 per month for each month (or any portion of a month) that a member was retained on active duty due to stop loss.

Individuals who meet eligibility criteria should submit an application by October 21, 2012. By law, there is no authorization to make payments on claims that are submitted after the deadline.

To listen live, click here.

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  • JAP

    The web site mentioned that it would only take 15 days for payments… I read all the posts here and it doesn't seem like that's the case.

    • jennifer.cragg

      Thanks for visiting and for leaving your post. I have forwarded your question to Army G-1, Maj. Tim Beninato with regard to when you will receive your payment. V/r, LT Jennifer Cragg

    • Larry

      Did you recieve your $500 in 15 days.

  • Shark

    Still waiting.Is been more than 20 days…


    Still waiting for my will be a month soon.

  • Paniaguaernestr

    this is to good to be true they can pay u late but if you r late you get the rope . dont hold your breath bros o Mr sammy prob never served a day in uniform we all served wit pride we have to all be used to the big green ball park

  • shannonkincade

    I am still waiting to know if I was approved or not, and then my payment. How long does it take?

    • DoDLive

      Ma'am, Thank you for visiting DoDLive and leaving a comment. Defense Media Activity has no involvement with the Retro Stop Loss special pay program, we have merely hosted roundtables in the past with subject matter experts. However, I will forward your comment to the Army G-1's Maj. Tim Beninato.

    • Torresandlopez21

      I had an email saying 90days…for me it has been 90days and im still waiting…its maddnes

  • Paarmymedic

    Hey all. I've been thru this loop and more. My stop loss was after the period covered by the retro stop-loss program. Hell I didn't even know I was do money till watching the news last month. Going thru all this crap was about to make me say screw it. A buddy of mine reminded me of the IG office. So if you are having problems and are a ARMY retro stop loss person call HQ DA IG at 703-601-1060. If having problems with stop loss payment covered after the retro stop loss period call the HRC IG office at 502-613-4427. This crap has been going on for long enough and it's about time the veterans are taken care of. I would love to see a news report that finds out how many eligible veterans don't get paid and/or the time period it takes for this payment to process.

  • Sgt.Torres

    Im still waiting on my check..I put in my paper work in August 2010….this is frustrating.
    Case Numbe# RSL00096923…… ITS BIN 90DAYS!!!…still waiting….
    Im really hoping for the money now, I just got laid off in my civilian job. I was stop loss for 10months….it shows on my DD214 how long i was over seas…i sent my orders, mailed , faxed , emailed…i sent everything….this is nuts

  • Armyman2248

    I submitted a claim on 10/09/10 and checked the status on 10/10 and it said my claim had been approved and sent o DFAS for payment. Then I got an email today stating “Your Retroactive Stop Loss Payment case has not yet been submitted. Further input is required. To complete your case, you can return to the Retroactive Stop Loss Payment website at this specific page address: so know when I try to log in it says”This information cannot be verified, please retry.” I know the info is right because it is what they have sent me. Can anyone help me.

    • DoDLive

      Good Morning,
      Thank you for visiting DoDLive and for leaving your comment. Unfortunately, Defense Media Activity is not involved in the Stop Loss claim process. However, if you forward me your name and Stop Loss case number via email, I will be sure and forward that information to someone who may be able to assist you. Thanks again. V/r MC2 William Selby.

      • DoDLive

        Thank you, sir. I will forward your information to the Army G-1′s Maj. Tim Beninato.
        V/r DoDLive Administrator

  • Retired SSG

    This is so typical. I have been going around and around on the Army’s Stop Loss Pay website and have been getting nowhere! I received a letter in the mail with my personal claim number on it. No where can I find the claim screen to enter in my claim number. Also can’t get anywhere on the 877-736-5554 number they provided…….can’t get to speak to a live person and if you’re having problems with the website not working, well you go in circles with their phone tree, too. Beginning to think this is all just a big SCAM!

  • Raphael Davis


    I uploaded all the required paper work over a month and a half ago and have received no response, no letter in the mail saying its been approved or denied, no phone call from a case worker, no answer and a full voice mail box at the so called Help Desk 1-877-736-5554 and the status web site…( get this the web site has had all my documents posted on it from day one and has shown the message “Your claim has been received and will be processed by a case manager in the order it was received.” I cannot believe the congress put the ARMY in charge of the bulk of the half billion dollars, gave them a time line, and thought it would go smooth. All other components of the military methods of informing and paying its Airmen, and Marines from what i hear is fantastic, lightning quick, user friendly, and transparent. I for one have had enough of this song and dance, so as of Monday 11/2/2010 i will call the IG office as well as my congressman every day until i hear something. “Fool me once shame…shame on you, …But, fool me… can’t get fooled again.”” President George Bush Sept. 17, 200

  • MR Romance

    Im still waiting on my check..I put in my paper work in August 2010….this is frustrating.
    Case Number# RSL00096923.
    I got an email a month ago stating early week of november is my 90days….im still i have no job i got fired so im really hoping for this check now.


  • wld

    If you are having problems and are an ARMY retro stop loss person call HQ DA IG at 703-601-1060. If having problems with stop loss payment covered after the retro stop loss period call the HRC IG office at 502-613-4427 . . . Bush shouldn’t have made you stay, & Obama shouldn’t have promised to make it right. Good luck guys, I hope WE ALL GET THIS $!

  • liberty

    my husband applyed almost 90 days ago dec 30th it will be 90 days they said that that is prossesing and payment would take 90 days we havent heard a word. the same message keeps coming up your claim has been received and will be processed by a case manager in the order it was received. really because as i am reading i see no one has recived any money yet this is getting really pothetic. has anyone seen a dime and if so how long did it take id love to know

  • Honor_patience_love

    Submitted my claim on the 27th of Sept 2010. And as of the 28th of January all I’ve recieved is a generic email saying my claim will be processed by a case manage in the order it was received. Has anyone received anything from DFAS as far as retroactive pay?

  • Pamador68

    I just received this letter this past week and it say the deadline was Mar 4, 2011. Typical! Has anyone had any luck thus far?