Bloggers Roundtable: The Marine Corps’ Forward Presence in the Pacific


Brig. Gen. Richard L. Simcock, II, Deputy Commander, U. S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

As the United States shifts its strategic focus to the Pacific, the Marine Corps is putting actions to the words of the strategy. As the nation’s expeditionary force in readiness, the Corps has a decades-long legacy of operating across the land, air, and sea of this vast and vital region. This is where the Marine Corps came of age. The Corps’ enduring forward presence, expeditionary nature, and amphibious capability are a central element of our success in the region.

On Tuesday, June 11, DoDLive hosted a Bloggers Roundtable with Brig. Gen. Richard L. Simcock, the deputy commander of Marine Forces Pacific, who discussed the Marine Corps rebalance toward the Pacific. The command is the largest in the Marine Corps with approximately 83,000 Marines and Sailors supporting missions such as the defense of South Korea and Japan.

Topics included the Marine Corps’ forward presence in the Pacific, partnerships with allies in the region, the capability of Marine Air Ground Task Forces, and the resumption of the Unit Deployment Program in Okinawa.

Listen to the audio.

Read the transcript.

Joining us on the call were Chuck Simmins, of America’s North Shore Journal; Dale Kissinger, of Military Avenue; Andrew Lubin, of Leatherneck Magazine; Gail Harris, of Foreign Policy Blogs; Rita Boland, of Signal Magazine; John Doyle, of 4GWar; Sandra Erwin, of National Defense Magazine; Richard Lowry, of Marines in the Garden of Eden; and Michele Cowell, of My Military Matters.

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