DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable: Naval History and Heritage Command

Are you a history buff? What about Naval history in particular? If so, listen to the roundtable we hosted on Oct. 5, with Capt. Henry J. Hendrix II, Director of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Naval History and Heritage Command‘s mission is to collect, preserve, protect and make available the artifacts, documents, and art that best embody our naval history and heritage for present and future generations, advance the knowledge of naval history and heritage through professional research, analysis, interpretation, products and services, make naval history and heritage “come alive” for our sailors and Marines to enhance readiness and esprit de corps and remind America of its need to maintain a strong Navy and Marine Corps to protect its citizens, their freedoms and the nation’s maritime commerce.

Hendrix provided a brief background on NHHC’s services and products, and discussed the influence of Naval History on the modern Navy, including some insight into his interactions with the Pentagon staff where NHHC historians and archivists made a difference in shaping policy and other decisions.

Listen to the audio.

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