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Military Youth on the Move Website: Upgraded and Easier to Use

Karen Morgan, Senior Program Analyst, Children and Youth, Military Community and Family Policy

Military Youth on the Move (MYOM) has a whole new look!  The one stop website for military children has been redesigned including a new easy navigation layout, updated content and a whole new section on tips for everyone.  MYOM is designed specifically for military children – kids, pre-teens and teenagers – giving them the tips and advice needed to help navigate everything from moving, social life, school, and more.

MYOM also includes tips and information to help parents guide their children through the challenges of not only a military lifestyle such as when a parent deploys and saying good-bye to friends but everyday challenges such as how to save money and going green.

The updated content for each audience of military children includes articles and information written for the specific age group in the section.  Each article section has helpful tips and cool links that encourage viewers to find additional information about the topics to help incorporate the information into their daily life and help them overcome the challenges they face.

MYOM also features quotes from military children of all ages on topics to help connect with viewers and let them know they are not alone.  There are military children and parents out there going through the same experiences, and the quotes share those experiences and give helpful advice.

The new layout includes a new section aimed at all audiences with tips and information on topics including moving, living healthy, help with deployment, divorce, and online safety.  The new Podcasts and More section includes podcasts, videos, access to online communities, and promotional materials.  The podcasts available for pre-teens, teenagers, and parents include topics such as staying in touch with friends, saving money and spending wisely, and internet safety.  The videos available are from best-selling children’s book author Trevor Romain, who addresses some of the most common problems that children in military families face such as bullying and homework.

The new “Communities” section offers links to MYOM Teens and Parents groups on HOMEFRONTConnections, a social networking environment for service members and their families.  These two communities give military teens and their parents the opportunity to share experiences, advice, and connect with others in similar situations on everything from packing for a move to learning about saving money.  Promotional materials include informative youth and parent brochures available to print and share with family, friends, and coworkers. Service providers can also print the new postcard and poster to help spread the word about the new site

Visit the new MYOM website and encourage your children to explore all the information to help navigate through a mobile military lifestyle.  We also invite you to our discussion where you can tell us what you think of the new website.  MYOM is here to help military families find the resources they’ve been looking for whether they are moving out, moving up, or moving on!

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