U.S. Army Bloggers Roundtable: NCO’s and Staying Focused in Combat Zones

Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph R. Allen,United States Forces-Iraq command sergeant major, talks to the first sergeants of 1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery Sept. 21 during a visit to JSS Loyalty. (U.S. Army Photo Sgt. 1st Class Roger Dey)

Join us for a U.S. Army Bloggers Roundtable on Thursday, Arpil 28, at 10:00 a.m. EDT, to discuss Non-commissioned officers and the importance of staying focused in a combat zone and avoiding complacency.

Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph R. Allen, Command Sergeant Major, United States Forces-Iraq, will join us from Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq to discuss how NCO’s stay focused in a combat zone, and are accomplishing the mission to advise, train, assist and equip in Iraq. As the mission in Iraq draws to a close, it’s important for NCO’s to continue to aggressively enforce standards and fight complacency. By remaining a disciplined and well-trained force, we will save lives and provide the best possible role-model for the Iraqi Security Forces.

Read the transcript.


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