MLB World Series Honors Vets

Major League Baseball

Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Wounded Warrior Care and Transition John Campbell speaks in an MLB-produced video about veterans.

Major League Baseball dedicated Sunday’s Game 4 of the 106th World Series to its ongoing role in the Welcome Back Veterans initiative with an all-day effort, honoring and encouraging support of returning military members and their families. From the morning appearance by 15 former Rangers and military brass at V.A. North Texas Health Care System to the night’s patriotic pageantry at Rangers Ballpark where President George H.W. Bush watched as President George W. Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch, everything that happened could be summarized in two simple words that mean so much: “Well done.”

“To me, it’s all about hope,” John Campbell, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Wounded Warrior Care and Transition, said.

“It’s all about providing a connection to these men.  We’ve got to honor them, and show them we still care about the service they’ve provided for our country. I served in Vietnam, and I know how important it is now to show how much you care, because when I came back, nobody cared.”

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