New Names Added to Vietnam Memorial

The name William L Taylor now appears on Panel 7W, Line 81 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial after being engraved. Washington, Dc, May 4, 2010, DoD photo by William D. Moss

The name William L Taylor now appears on Panel 7W, Line 81 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. DoD photo by William D. Moss. Click for screen resolution.

By Ian Graham

Six American servicemembers will be etched into the annals of history this week when their names are added to the list of soldiers killed or missing in action carved into the wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Army Lt. Col. William Taylor’s name was engraved at a ceremony today at the memorial on the National Mall. Marine Lance Cpls. John Granville and Clayton Hough Jr., Marine Cpl. Ronald Vivona, Army Capt. Edward Miles and Army Sgt. Michael Morehouse will be added as well.

The new additions are veterans who survived serious injury in the war but were determined by the Department of Defense to have “died as a result of wounds (combat or hostile related) sustained in the combat zone” which required drastic measures, such as amputation.

Eleven other servicemembers, from the Army and U.S. Air Force, will be modified to reflect that they’re no longer considered Missing in Action.

The changes will bring the total number of names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to 58,267 men and women who were killed or remain missing in action. The six new names will become “official” when they are read aloud during the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at The Wall on Monday, May 31, at 1 p.m.


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